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What are real men made of? Decisiveness? Toughness? Earning power? That's how popular culture might answer the question. But if we're honest, we know real men can be made of doubts, hurts, the pressure of mounting responsibilities, the burden of perfectionism, and more. 

"CONFRONT AND CONQUER: Discovering the Warrior Within" is an 8-week professional filmed teaching series for men, written by Kim Crabill, author of the nationally known "Burdens to Blessings" studies. Designed to get men talking about real-life situations, each session used the life of Gidion, a reluctant warrior, to show how God can help us confront our fears and shortcomings and build up the warrior within. With new strength and healing, we can become more than conquerors...and helps others experience the same transformation.  

Watch the video below to hear testimonies from men that have personally experienced transformation through CONFRONT AND CONQUER: Discovering the Warrior Within.


To get more information or to find out how you can participate in a future study, please click on the link below. 


Confront and Conquer Series

Radio Show  

COFFEE with Kim Radio Show
Confront and Conquer: The Men Speak
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