A Tribute to Simplicity

As Mother’s Day approaches I always enjoy reminiscing about special moments with my two guys, Trey and Austin, who are now grown and living away from home.

I like to recall the look of accomplishment on their faces just after hitting a home run. I like to remember the pride in their voices when reporting a great test grade. I can still hear their giggles as they watched Dad do his funny dances. I still see their sheepish grins as they prepared for first dates.

A few years ago I began to wonder if their memories were similar to mine. So I asked them, “What is your favorite childhood memory?”

Without hesitation, they swapped big smiles. “Oh, Mom,” Trey began, “Austin and I loved rainy days!”

I’m sure I looked confused because Austin said, “Don’t you remember, Mom? As the rain began you would call us to the front door. We would drop whatever we were doing and race one another to get there. As you swung the door open, we would belly-flop onto the wet ground on our tummies.”

“Yes!” chimed in Trey, laughing.

So many times we equate special memories with how much we spent and how complicated the planning was. I hope you are reassured by our rainy-day memories. Giving your child a special memory doesn’t require an exotic resort. More often, it merely requires recognizing a special moment and enjoying it together.



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