Wisdom from a GPS

Where are you…really?

The GPS in our car inspired that question. You see, to get to my desired destination, I have to put the destination’s address into the system, and then I must enter my starting point. But suppose I’m dreading the length of the trip and want to make it seem shorter. Well, I could put in a starting address that’s at the midpoint of the trip instead of at the beginning. That would cut down on the distance, right? But it would be foolish. It would have nothing to do with reality. The GPS can only help me if I face the truth about my starting point.

How many of us never get to where we want to go because we are not willing to admit where we really are?

I have seen this again and again. We don’t like where we are so we just pretend to be something we are not—someone further along in her journey than is really the case. The truth is that we have a clear destination: to become all God has created us to be and to fulfill our unique plan. But we fail to recognize the way to do that—namely, by being honest with God, ourselves, and others about where we currently are.

Do you have the courage today to say, “Right now, even if my life is a mess, I am ready to do whatever God asks so that my life will be just as God has planned it—not merely marked by externals, but rather overflowing with purpose and contentment?”

Forget how long the trip may take. Tell the truth about your starting point, and then prepare to enjoy the journey to your destination.



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