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Princess TEAs are TALKS based on God's Word to EMPOWER girls in their own lives and help them be AFFIRMING in their peer relationships.  Our program is for girls age 5 to 11 to introduce them to God's Word while teaching them how deeply loved and supported they are by their heavenly Father. We memorize scripture and talk about it together, then we do a fun craft or other activity that helps to etch the Scripture's meaning in their hearts and minds. 

It is never too early to introduce young girls into God's word so they have reliable, relevant truth for their own growth and for helping others. The group gives the girls a safe place to open up about issues they are facing with friends, family, school, and sportsmanship. The girls also learn to pray for one another, which helps them give and receive support from friends in the group as well as deepen their relationship with their heavenly Father.


  To find out more about our Princess TEA program click below to reach our program director Ashley Shaver. 

Our Pledge and Pinky Promise

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