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COFFEE with Kim


"COFFEE with Kim" creates a place for friends of faith to engage in real, relevant conversations. We are convinced that as we talk about our lives and view them through God's truths, we discover that what we've gone through is exactly what God plans to use to encourage and strengthen others. No part of our lives is wasted, in fact, every part of our lives can be our personal message of God's hope to those around us. As we talk, we will discover a purpose both for the pain we've experienced and the wisdom we've gained. Grab your coffee…and join Kim and friends every MONDAY morning at 10am ET. Find out how much your life matters! 

The COFFEE with Kim radio program is entirely supported by its listeners. If you would like to help support the message of these weekly conversations, it's as easy as sending a text. Simply text RADIO to 410-376-5855 for your one-time or monthly contribution. Donations are always appreciated also at

One thing Kim Crabill has learned as she has worked with teens is that their voices are worth hearing and their wisdom is worth sharing. TEENTALK provides a forum for that sharing. With Kim's help, teens will plan, produce, and co-host a show where they can talk about what they are really thinking, share wisdom with one another, and discover the godly influence they can bring to today's world. 


Teen Talk 


Morning COFFEE with Kim Crabill

Kim will be bringing you Conversations Of Friends of Faith to Encourage and Equip daily on Christian Mix 106. 

Archived Episodes

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