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 Rest assured that each dollar spent goes directly into the ministry to share God's hope and healing. 

Perfectly Imperfect

Discover What a Perfect Fit You Are for God's Purposes


What kind of person do you think God would choose to change the world—or even just a neighborhood? Certainly not someone whose life is a mess or who has never done anything very significant! And yet, God tends to surprise us, doesn't He? Let's visit with 8 imperfect women who were a perfect fit for God's great purposes. We just might discover that our imperfections also make us perfect for God's plans today.


  • Week 1 - The Gift of Imperfection
  • Week 2 - Mary and Elizabeth
  • Week 3 - Dorcas
  • Week 4 - Rahab
  • Week 5 - The Servant Girl
  • Week 6 - Mary Magdalene
  • Week 7 - Mystery Woman
  • Week 8 - God of the Imperfect 


This product is sold as a digital download. Print documents are provided in PDF format, video is available for online streaming.

Perfectly Imperfect

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