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Conversations Of Friends of Faith to Encourage and Equip

We’re women, so we know what conversations are, right? And encouragement? Well, we all need a good dose of that to get through the complexities of daily life. As for equipping - one of the amazing things about COFFEE is that when we receive encouragement, we become better equipped to encourage others as well.

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The same teaching that has made Kim's COFFEE groups in such demand are available as digital downloads. Each series is designed for group use and includes:

  • A link to Kim's teaching videos

  • Master copy of handout

  • Discussion questions based on the video

  • Suggested icebreakers

  • FAQs about leading a small group

  • Weekly teaching tips

When you attend a COFFEE you can count out:

  • A safe place where woman accept & celebrate one another

  • A casual, relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself

  • Conversations with honest and real women

  • A candid exploration of faith and its relevance to our 21st-century challenges

  • Weekly teaching tips

  • Lots and lots of fun

At COFFEE, church denominations do not matter. Levels of spirituality do not matter.
Status does not matter.


What matters at COFFEE is the desire we have to grow in our relationship with Christ, and  other women.

Looking for a COFFEE in your area or want to 
start your very own COFFEE? Visit us HERE

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