This signature work of Kim's is the foundational message of Roses and Rainbows.


At the age of four, Kim learned a truth that shattered her identity for decades to come. In response, she became an expert at hiding her hurt and confusion behind a mask. She appeared fine on the outside and set about succeeding academically, socially, and in her church and community involvement. But the pain of her past continued to haunt her heart.

In her transparent story, Kim invites readers along on her journey from shame and sadness toward healing and hope. In the process, she reveals the upside-down truth that the very things we regret most - the things we pray no one discovers about us - are what God uses to enrich our lives and bring blessings to those around us.

Burdens to Blessings is being used in schools, prisons, military bases, churches, and in groups of women sitting around their kitchen tables to help others find the hope and healing in their personal stories. This recipient of the 2018 Christian Literary Award is also now featured twice weekly on NRBtv. You can check your local listing for Burdens to Blessings with Kim Crabill .

Burdens to Blessings is available as a curriculum for home groups, Sunday school classes, neighborhood coffees, and more. This curriculum package is designed to expand and personalize the message of Kim's book through DVDs and discussion materials that even a novice will feel comfortable using. Each package includes the book, eight professionally-filmed DVDs of Kim's teaching, a leader's manual, teaching tips for each of eight weekly lessons, weekly agendas with discussion questions, and instructions for incorporating the unique ice-breakers Kim uses with her groups. 

To learn more about this program or to invite Kim to bring this program to your area, church or school please contact us here.

Burdens to Blessings

Burdens to Blessings


Long before adulthood, girls learn to hide the hurt and shame they feel. Bullying, peer pressure, abuse, loneliness, body image issues—these and similar pressures make it hard to face the future with hope. Kim brings her signature message of transformation to young women from teens through twenties: God turns hurt into hope and burdens into blessings—for us and the people around us.

To learn more about this program or to invite Kim to bring this program to your area, church or school please contact us here.


COFFEEs are Conversations of Friends of Faith to Encourage and Equip. We’re women, so we know what conversations are, right! And encouragement—well, we all need good doses of that to get through the complexities of daily life. As for equipping, one of the amazing results of COFFEE is that as we receive encouragement for ourselves, we become better equipped to encourage others as well.

The same teaching that has made Kim's COFFEEs so in demand is available as digital downloads.

Each series is designed for group use and includes:

• a link to Kim's teaching video to watch together

• master copies of handouts (programs, teaching aids, etc.)

• discussion questions based on the video

• suggested icebreakers

• FAQs about how to start and lead a small group

• weekly teaching tips for the group leader

When you attend a COFFEE, you can count on

  • A safe place where women accept one another and celebrate one another

  • A casual, relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself

  • Conversations with women who are honest and real

  • A candid exploration of faith and its relevance to our 21st-century challenges

  • Lots and lots of fun!

At COFFEE, church denominations don’t matter. Levels of spirituality don’t matter. Status (or lack of status) doesn’t matter. What matters at COFFEE is our desire to grow in our relationship with Christ and with other women. Looking for a COFFEE in your area? Want to start your very own COFFEE? Use the prompt below!

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