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We are so excited you're here to start planning your event. Below you will find all of the tools you need to get started, including information on timelines, promotional ideas, the 40-Day Prayer Walk, and more. Remember, we are one team workign together to make your Friends of Faith Event Amazing.  

Getting Started

We are so excited to partner with you. Click below for information to start planning your Friends of Faith Tour Event. 


Mark your calendars and start your prayer walk 40 days prior to your event. Click below and share daily with your team and know we will be praying each day as well.  

Marketing Ideas

Click below for marketing tips and to view a sample flyer and memes for your event. We

will provide you with a

flyer and memes to share on

social media. Click here to

connect with us to have your flyer/memes sent to you.  

Daily Devotionals

You will find your "day of" checklist and other items to print. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these items in advance.

Preparing For Group

Here is some required information to help you prepare for your event. Please complete and return by the date indicated on the forms. 


Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, need more information or just a little encouragement. Remember we are one team working together to make your event amazing! 

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