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 Rest assured that each dollar spent goes directly into the ministry to share God's hope and healing. 

Burdens to Blessings

An 8-week video study to accompany Kim’s signature book, Burdens to Blessings. Book sold separately.


Many women believe a lie: that our past mistakes, failures, regrets, and hurts disqualify us from enjoying God’s purposes for us. We retreat behind masks that make us look as if we have it all together. but we know otherwise. The astonishing truth is this: God uses us because of our pasts and our pain. He takes the things we regret most and transforms them into blessings for us and the people around us. This study guides women on a life-changing journey toward truth, freedom, and a mask-free life.


Key Scriptures: Isaiah 42:5-9, Matthew 11:28, Luke 5:1-5, John 4, John 8:31-32, John 10:10, Romans 4:18-21, 1 Corinthians 1:26-29, Ephesians 3:20, Hebrews 12:1


Week 1: Brown-Bag Burdens
Week 2: A Princess Story Goes Wrong (This is not the life I expected!)
Week 3: Dare to Believe
Week 4: Seize God’s Timing
Week 5: Fight for Your Future
Week 6: Step Out and Discover
Week 7: Embrace Today’s Opportunities
Week 8: Never Give Up


This product is sold as a digital download. Print documents are provided in PDF format, video is available for online streaming.

Burdens to Blessings

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