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 Rest assured that each dollar spent goes directly into the ministry to share God's hope and healing. 

Dancing on Your Dash

Teacher Kim Crabill writes: "One day as others look upon that dash on my headstone between my date of birth and date of physical death, I hope they remember I danced. Whatever life brought, I hope they can say that I embraced the steps before me and danced to the music of God's promises and purposes." Don't you want to live that way too! This 8-week video study will guide your small group into that beautiful dance you've been longing for your life to be.


  • Week 1: Introduction to the Dance
  • Week 2: Your Dance Instructor
  • Week 3: On Your Toes
  • Week 4: Keeping in Step
  • Week 5: Shaking Off the Snakes
  • Week 6: Determined to Dance
  • Week 7: When You're Kicked Off the Dash
  • Week 8: Dancing After Failing


This study draws from passages in Psalms, Daniel, Jonah, John, and Acts.


This product is sold as a digital download. Print documents are provided in PDF format, video is available for online streaming.

Dancing on Your Dash

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