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 Rest assured that each dollar spent goes directly into the ministry to share God's hope and healing. 

Spa for the Soul

9 treatments to refresh your spirit


Who can resist a spa day? While most spa treatments focus on our exteriors, this 9-week video study introduces women to the treatments that refresh our weary souls. The teaching tone is often lighthearted but the message goes deep, guiding women into the lasting refreshment that a personal relationship with God provides.


  • Week 1: Renew
  • Week 2: Remain
  • Week 3: Rejuvenate
  • Week 4: Remember
  • Week 5: Refocus
  • Week 6: Release
  • Week 7: Rest
  • Week 8: Redeem
  • Week 9: Receive


This product is sold as a digital download. Print documents are provided in PDF format, video is available for online streaming.

Spa for the Soul

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